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How Long Has This Been Going On
By George and Ira Gershwin (10 MB)
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"This track isn’t a “bonus” track, it’s the first track of the recording. I wanted to open with “How Long Has This Been Going On” because the theme of this Gershwin classic really mirrors how releasing a solo recording has been on my mind for such a long time. I wanted to have a variety of arranging approaches on this recording; this song is mostly improvised around some prepared counter-lines."
~ Christian

Billie’s Bounce
By Charlie Parker (5 MB)
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If you were to ask me what "swing" is; I would probably direct you to the music of Charlie Parker. To me, it is such a strong basic feel, not as strict as the earlier swing era, but opened up the road to more wild or cool types of swing to come. He also took from the Blues, kept the form and added swing to it. those Blues tunes are eternal, every Jazz musician plays them and loves them.
~ Christian

If I Should Lose You
By Ralph Rainger and Leo Robin (7 MB)
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This is one of my favorite standards, to me, it has a perfect balance of harmony; great structure and it is a blast to improvise on.
~ Christian

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